Vertical Coffee Pulper DV 255

Product Description

The vertical DV 255 pulping machine pulps, without water, ripe cherry coffee of the same harvesting day, with percentages of mechanical damage and cracking lower than 2 %, and also guaranteeing the absence of grains in the pulp.

It is provided with a resistant preformed stainless steel grater sleeve, and five breasts melted in gray iron.


  • The equipment requires a minimal spacing for its installation, offering a high production capacity.
  • The design of the breast and grater sleeve channels enables a high efficiency in the pulping and zero grain loss in the pulp.
  • Pulps without using water.
  • Low cracking.
  • Increases the productivity.
  • Low mechanical damage.
Description DV 255
Capacity kg cherry / hour 2200 a 2500
Steering RPM 500
Required power in H.P. Electric engine 2.0 HP
Required power in H.P. Gasoline engine 3.5 HP
Outputs 5
Weight in kg 70
Overall Dimensions L x W x H (cm) 64 x 71 x 71
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