Advanced Pulping and Sorting Unit UDC-7500 Bourbon

Product Description

Optimised design and improved components to enhance performance with the best quality in processing  

The UDC 7500 pulps ripe cherry coffee through our patented vertical pulper with smart water-less pulping channels and sorts green cherries with separation technology with a new sieve design. It incorporates a pulp remover unit that removes the excess pulp from the pulped coffee to make subsequent processes more efficient (fermentation or mucilage, depending on the client’s objective).


  • Vertical pulper that includes a new design of vibro-elastic pulping channels for a longer lifespan
  • New design of the Pulp Remover to obtain a better selection that delivers 2 qualities of coffee
  • Improved demucilager to obtain a cleaner parchment with minimal damage.
  • Compact equipment with higher processing capacity per hour.
Description DCV 306
Capacity 6000–7500 litres of cherry coffee  per hour

3750 –  4700 kg of cherry coffee per hour

Delva Electric power 12 HP*
Pulping machine’s electric power 5 HP*
Water consumption in washing process 0.2 litres of water per kilo of cherry coffee

*  Electric powers for 60 Hz

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