Advanced Pulping and Sorting Unit UDC-2000 Castillo

Product Description

Optimised design and improved components to enhance performance with the best quality in processing

We want to offer the best equipment. For this reason, we continue to evolve and climb steps thanks to Penagos technology. This time, we would like to introduce the new UDC 2000 Castillo Pulping and Sorting Unit.


  • Ecological friendly processes by significant reduction of water use in the demucilager (0.2 litres of water per kilo of cherry coffee) 
  • Preservation of the natural conditions of the pulp.
  • Easy adjustment to the changeable conditions of the harvest.
  • Maximum performance due to its high pulping efficiency.
  • Very compact equipment that requires just a small installation area.
  • Pulping channels with an exclusive elastomer system.
Description DCV 183
Capacity 1000 – 1200 kilos of cherry coffee per hour

 1600 – 1900 litres of cherry coffee per hour

Delva Electric power 3 HP*
Pulping machine’s electric power 2 HP*
Water consumption in washing process 0.2 litres of water per kilo of cherry coffee
Minimal installation area N/A

*  Electric powers for 60 Hz

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