Sugar cane Mill TH – 6

Product Description


Equipment with a 6″ grinding length and a cane capacity of up to 600 kg / hour and a required power of 6 HP for electric engine or 10 HP for gasoline or diesel engine, offering extraction outputs close to 60 %.

PENAGOS designs are based on the last recommendations for achieving the major output as well from extraction as from power, which are obtained through the Diameter, Speed and  tripping of the hammers combination. The constitutive parts are in high-resistance gray cast iron and mechanized under norms of quality and precision which not only guarantee the service life of the mill, but also the ease of getting spare parts.

Descripción TH – 6
Cane Production 600 – 800* kg/h
Required power for electric engine 6 HP
Required power for gasoline or diesel engine 10 HP
Major Hammer speed in R.P.M. 12
Pulley speed in R.P.M. 166
Drive pulley diameter Ø38″
Net weight 600 kilos
*Important: The cane capacity is based on a weight extraction of 55 – 60 % and is depending on the percentage of fiber and ripeness of the cane

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