Product Description

Ideal for ranches where the needs for picked grass are low; its chassis in steel sheet enables better lineaments between the axes and the gears, providing smoothness in the functioning. It is equipped with a knife protector offering safety for the operator and directing the material towards one side.
The main axis mounted on bearings, the pinion system and the oil-bath auger guarantee a high durability. It optionally can be operated manually or with an electric engine.

Production Kg/h 600 – 900*
Feeder’s opening in inches 8”
Cutting length in mm. 7 – 9 **
Steering wheel Speed RPM. 200 – 220
Required power in H.P. with two blades 1.5
Required power in H.P. with three blades 2.0
Number of blades 2 o 3
Steering Wheel Diameter in inches. 24”
Engine’s pulley diameter at 1.750 RPM. In inches 3.0 TIPO A
Belt for electric engine using PENAGOS engine base A 85”
Machine weight in kg 60

* This capacity varies according to the moisture, specific weight of the picked material and the agility of the operator in feeding the machine.

** The machine can be delivered with a two or three knife steering wheel, which directly influences the length of the cutting size and not the capacity.

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