Ecowasher – Washer for fermented coffee

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Product Description

Efficiency in washing fermented coffee with low water consumption.

The Ecowasher is designed to wash fermented coffee, minimizing power and water consumption per kilogram of washed coffee, compared to traditional washing processes.   


  •  1500 Kgs of washed coffee/hour
  •  2500 Kgs of washed coffee/hour
  •  3500 Kgs of washed coffee/hour
  • 9000 Kgs of washed coffee/hour


  • High washing capacity
  • Lower water and power consumption vs. traditional washing systems
  • Optimization of washing times
  • Minimum mechanical damage percentage
  • Includes technology of water jets that optimizes coffee washing.
  • Higher  efficiency fermented coffee washing 
  • Easy disposal of wastewater from washing process
  • Easy installation and operability

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