Ecologic Coffee Wet Mill Ecoline 400

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Product Description

The ecologic coffee wet mill – ECOLINE offers a capacity of up to 400 kilos ripe cherry coffee per hour

Integrates 3 stages of coffee processing into a single machine: pulping, sorting and washing.

Ecologic Coffee Wet Mill for ripe cherry coffee that uses horizontal pulping technology and a sieve to separate pulped and non-pulped beans. It includes a demucilager that mechanically r

This presentation can work with any of the following alternatives:

  • Electrical single-phase motors
  • Electrical three-phase motors
  • Gasoline or diesel internal combustion engines.

Penagos’ ecologic coffee wet mill -ECOLINE – integrate 4 stages of the benefit process into a single machine:

  • Pulps the ripe cherry coffee without using water
  • Sorts the pulped coffee by separating the bad and defective beans that affect the in-cup quality.
  • Mechanically removes the coffee mucilage, washes the coffee beans without spoiling them and delivers it ready for the drying.
  • Moves the coffee pulp or peel by means of the auger. The pulp and the mucilage can optionally be mixed for their use as an organic fertilizer.


  • Simple and easy to operate.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Ecological friendly processes by significant reduction of water use  (0.2 litres of water per kilo of cherry coffee)  
  • It includes a screw conveyor to transport and mix pulp and mucilage.
Description EC- 400 ZS 
Capacity (kg Cherry Hour) 300 – 400
Washer’s Electric power 2 HP
Pulper’s electric power 1 HP
Water consumption 1 lt x 5 kg cherry coffee
Dimensions (L x W x H) in meters 2,2 x 1,2 x 1,38
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