Horizontal Coffee Pulper DH – 2 1/2

Product Description

2 1/2 Penagos pulpers are machines wich the main components as sides, commoner, steering wheel and pinion feeder cylinder are made of gray iron,2 1/2 Penagos pulpers machines are the main components as are sides commoner, steering wheel and pinion feeder cylinder are made of gray iron, the cast iron makes pulpers highly resistant to environmental conditions and have a long life useful. Its components are manufactured in last generation equipment making precise adjustments and guaranteeing the replacement parts for easy maintenance of the machine.


<li>Hopper in stainless steel sheet</li>
<li>Pillow Block with bearing in feed shaft</li>
<li>Pillow Block with bearing in the pulper cylinder axis</li>
<li>Cylinder guard in stainless steel sheet</li>
<li>Coffee output channel Stainless Steel.</li>
<li>Stainless steel grater sleeve</li>
<li>Steering wheel protector laminated</li>
<li>Electrostatic painting in its different components to stainless steel.</li>
<li>Cylinder fitted with plastic plugs for replacement the grater sleeve.</li>
<li>Transmission system with pinions</li>
<li>Handlebar on the supply hub.</li>
<li>Easy calibration breast</li>
<li>Pulps withour water</li>
<li>Conforms to norm ICONTEC 2090</li>

Description DH 2 1/2 
Capacity (Kg of cherry coffee per hour) 300 – 400
Electric power required 0.5 HP
Outlets 2
Cylinder Iron
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