Vegetal Waste Crusher TRP – 11

Product Description


Designed for crushing or picking, it is provided with: 24 serrated hammers or 4 cut knives. Its wide and sloping hopper and its feeding system (feeding pine cones) facilitate as well the crushing as the picking of short or long material that originates as vegetal waste in the gardening, pruning of green trees (up to ¾ diameter) banana stem, sugar cane for silage in the animal feeding, cane bagasse in the making of multinutritional block, pulverization of poultry manure, etc.

Its capacity of crushing vegetal waste is around 6m3 per hour and, for picking long vegetal material close to 3 tons per hour depending on the specific density of the material and the feeding skill.

It has got two cutting or crushing types: through variation of 6 to 12 mm in the feeding system.

It has got a compact and resistant chassis, and id provided with 2 pneumatic wheels of 16 “enabling easy mobilization when the work process requires it.


Description TRP -11
Production Kg/h 2000 – 3000*
Operation speed in RPM 1800 – 2100
Required power in H. P. for electric engines 12 – 15
Required power in H. P. for gasoline engines 16 – 20 HP
Mobile knives 4
Fixed knives 1
Cut length in millimeters 3 a 10
Machine’s pulley diameter 4.5” Type B
Engine’s pulley diameter at 1800 RPM (PLG). 4.5” Type B
Weight in kilograms 140
** The chopper forages and vegetal waste outputs can be between 15 % to 50 % lower than these values, being lower with: the minor size of the initial product, its major disorder, the major grade of moisture and the worker’s skill in feeding the equipment.

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