SC – 10 SILO-Type Coffee Dryer

Product Description

The SC Penagos silo-type dryers present a special design with the highest quality materials, electrostatic paint and are provided with a lower floodgate for the coffee download, which makes them easy to operate.

Their three-mesh dryer improves the drying quality, offering a major homogeneity to the grain, requires a minor area and drying time, reducing this way the labor costs.


  • Easy to operate
  • Smaller area required for the drying
  • Three-mesh dryer
  • Labor costs reduction
  • Low power consumption
  • Solenoid safety valve for gas
Description SC 10
Capacity @ per day in the three meshes 10 arrobas dry parchment coffee
Capacity in kg per day in the three meshes 125 kg dry parchment coffee
Volumetric capacity per day in the three meshes 0,34 m3
Gas consumption in Lb / @ of C.P.S. 1,8 – 2
Number of meshes 3
Electric power 0.75 HP
Dimensions L x W x H (cm) 135 x 85 x 165
C.P.S.: Dry Parchment Coffee
Approximate data for dry parchment coffee at 12 % moisture with 360 kg per cubic meter of density.

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