Pulper and Washer DCV 306

Product Description

The innovative pulping technology developed and presented by PENAGOS works completely without water and offers the most efficient capacity / power relation of the market. The advanced design of the PENAGOS breasts and their stainless steel grater sleeve make the DCV pulping only the ripe beans without pulping the green and dry ones, which later are separated in a screening machine, whereas the pulped beans of mature coffee keep going through their fermentation or demucilaging and drying process.

The DCV 304 reference has been designed in order to receive and process the coffee rejected by the DCV 306, which enables you to get a major profit and use of the coffee.


  • Effective separation of greens completely in a dry process through the innovative technology of elastic vibrating breasts
  • Pulping adjustable to different coffee kinds and sizes
  • Mechanical cleaning adjustable to each need
  • There is no loss of good beans in the pulp
  • Low power and high processing capacity
  • Operating ease
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Long service life
  • Modular growth system for corporate users
Description DCV 306
Capacity 5-6 m3 / 4000 kg / 6000 lt greens + ripe
Delva Electric power 7.5 HP*
Pulping machine’s electric power 5 HP*
Water consumption in washing process 1 lt * 5 kg (cherry coffee)
Minimal installation area 8 m2

*  Electric powers for 60 Hz

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