Product Description

The PP9MR is ideal for ranches where the needs for cutting forage are medium or high.

It is equipped with a clutch system (forward, neutral and rear) enabling to stop mechanically or to move back the grass feeding without having to stop the engine. It also is provided with a collecting unit which represents safety for the operator and the directing of the picked material facilitating this way its recollection.

The feeder pan is made of blades, with folds providing structure and strength.
As an additional implement, a base for diesel/gasoline engine can be requested.
Simple to operate and easy to maintain equipment.

Production Kg/h 2000 – 2500*
Feeder’s opening in inches 9”
Cutting length in mm. 10
Speed of the main Axis in R.P.M. 300 – 350
Required power for electric engine in H.P. 3.0
Required power for combustion in H.P. 6.0 – 10
Number of knives 3
Diameter of the drive pulley in inches 22ӯ
Diameter of pulley electric engine at 1750 R.P.M. in inches 4.1/4” Ø
Belt for electric engine using PENAGOS engine base 2B – 100
Machine weight in kg 145
* This capacity varies according to the moisture, specific weight of the picked material and the skill of the operator in feeding the machine.

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