Product Description

Ideal for ranches where the needs for picked grass are low.The main axis mounted on bearings, the pinion system and the oil-bath auger guarantee a high durability; the sides being made of cast iron.
It optionally can be operated manually or with an electric engine.


  • Innovative, modern design.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Excellent picking productivity.
  • Major safety (there are no belts or bands, the knives are protected).
  • Lower maintenance (No need for changing belts or pulleys).
  • Major stability of the machine
  • Easy to clean.
Production Kg/h 600 – 900*
Feeder’s opening in inches/td> 8”
Cutting length in mm 5 – 7
Speed of the knife-holder brace in RPM. 183
Gearmotor power 2.0 HP
Single-phase connection Voltage 110 V – 220V**
Approximate weight of the machine in kg. 84

* This capacity varies according to the moisture, specific weight of the picked material and the skill of the operator in feeding the machine.

** The machine is delivered from factory with connection to 220v

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