PE – 1200 / PE – 1200T SILAGE CHOPPER

Product Description

  • Stationary and field silage chopper when driven by the tractors power-take-off in its three points.
  • Picks cane, grass, sorghum, corn, crops garbage and in general all kinds of forage.
  • Versatile for its four cut sizes, enabling from a tiny cut for ensilage, up to a long one, ideal for the daily ration.
  • Back system in the feeding in case of jam for overfeeding or entry of strange objects.
  • Changing the position of two sets of cogwheels, we will get four cut sizes 5, 7, 11 and 14mm.
Production Kg/h 2.500 – 5.500*
Operation speed in RPM 1.100 – 1500
Required power in HP for Electric engine. 7.5 – 10
Required power in HP for Gasoline engine 14 – 20
Number of mobile knives 3
Number of fixed knives 1
Cut length in millimeters 5, 7, 11 y 14
Machine’s pulley diameter 12” Tipo B
Pulley diameter for electric engine at 1800 RPM in inches Doble de 8.1/4” Tipo B
Power for tractor operation in HP 20 mínimo
Pulley diameter for engine at 3600 RPM in inches Doble de 4” Tipo B
Dimensions (L x W x H) 140 * 150 * 200 cm
Weight in kilograms 250

*This capacity varies according to the moisture, specific weight of the picked material and the skill of the operator in feeding the machine.

Important: For machines that are going to be driven by tractor, it is necessary to request an coupling or connection to the tractor which is sold as an additional accessory. If a user has a machine driven by an engine, it can easily be converted into an operation with tractor and vice versa; for this he will request the coupling to the tractor. For an electric, gasoline or diesel engine, the base is located on the ground.

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