Product Description

The EM – 4 manual silo trailer is ideal for packing and storing, in an easy and practical way, silos at a low cost and with a high output.

Easy to maintain, operate and move thanks to its low weight. It does not require any electricity.

It is a simple tool that does not require any sophisticated mechanisms and helps to optimize the silage of your forages

  • Requires low labor
  • Uniformity in millsing
  • Easy handling and operation
  • Easy to move
  • Does not require any electricity
  • Compact area for installation
  • Environment friendly
Capacity Tons per day (8-hour working day) 3 – 4 tons
Capacity kg per hour 300 – 400 kg
Required labor One operator
# bags per day  (8-hour working day) 50 – 60 per day
# bags per hour 6 – 8 per hour
Bag capacity 40 – 50 kilos
Bag size 1,10 large x 0,6 width (meters)
Bag caliber 6
Tank dimensions 85 cm de alto x 40 cm diameter
Millsure handle 180 cm de largo
Gross weight 50 kilos aprox.
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