Ecologic Coffee Wet Mill Compact Unit UCBE 20000

Product Description

The ecologic coffee wet mill compact unit UCBE 20.000 can process up to 20,000 kg ripe cherry coffee an hour, with just a 65 HP electric power, offering threshing and cracking percentages lower than 2 %, besides guaranteeing the absence of beans in the pulp.

It consists of 8 vertical conical DV 255 CM pulping machines, that pulp the ripe cherry coffee without using water; one DELVA DUPLEX4; two circular rod filters which sort the coffee that is going to be processed into the DELVAs; four cleaning brushes; an endless pulp and mucilage mixer; and a rigid structure, designed to support the abovementioned equipments and created for obtaining the minimal spacing and simultaneously easy to be set up and located.


  • Considerable water consumption reduction of up to 80 % in comparison with the traditional benefits.
  • Labor costs reduction thanks to the compact design of the equipments and their user-friendliness.
  • The coffee keeps its weight due to not losing any mass which occurs during the fermentative process.
  • Up to a 15 % reduction in drying times.
  • Lower infrastructure costs since it requires just a small area for being installed.
  • Faster pulp decomposition without producing unpleasant smells.
  • The demucilaging process does not affect the coffee quality and reduces the existing risks in fermentation.
  • Compact equipment designed to be extended according to the needs of your farm.
  • Contamination reduction in the water sources.
  • Conservation of the natural conditions of the pulp.
  • In-cup quality conservation.
Description UCBE 10000
Cherry Capacity kg/Hour 17,000 – 20,000
Required Electric power 62 HP*
Net weight 6130 kg
Minimal installation area 40 mts2
Dimensions (L x W x H) in meters 8 x 4 x 4,20
Water consumption in liters 2000 lt/hour
* Electric powers for 60 Hz

Note: The minimal voltage in the lines, for the recommended powers must be 205 volts. The recommended engines are for normal work conditions. Any change in these conditions affects the power and therefore must be consulted with the technical assistance department of PENAGOS or with their representative in each country.

Note: This document is not a legally-binding contract. Only valid for informative purposes; its content and information can be modified for technical, legal, commercial reasons or others, without notice by Penagos Hermanos & Cía. SAS.

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