Crusher and Chopper TP – 32

Product Description


The TP – 32 is a combination of crusher, grass-chopper and silage. It is designed for crushing grains, forages (green and dry grasslands, sugar cane, corn cob, tusas etc.). When working as a grass-chopper, the TP – 32 offers you the ideal mix of forage, concentrated grain, and sugar-cane of a cut size of up to 1 mm. (Without forage “rings“)guaranteeing the complete ingestion by the cattle.

The TP – 32 has 32 hammers of case-hardened steel, 3 knives (2 adjustable mobile, and 1 fixed) that cut the material before being submitted to the hammers’ action, being also provided with a grain dispenser system. The main piece of the TP – 32 is a rotor of welded steel sheet; the mobile knives are mounted on it. The rotor is set up on ball bearings completely covered for preventing the dust action. The casing is made of angle and steel sheet designed for strong and continuous work.

In the inside there are a few flow retarders making the grinding more effective.

The casing breaks in two for facilitating the cleanliness, the change and/or graduation of the mobile knives, hammers and the general revision of the rotor. The sieves can easily be replaced.

items to be crushed Hard corn
Thin flour Up to 250 Kg.*
Average flour Up to 360 Kg.*
Thick flour Up to 640 Kg.*
* The picking, grinding or crushing outputs may vary with regards to those stipulated on the specification sheet due to the moisture and density of the product, size of the used sieve and location of the material during the process
items to be picked Greens
Production in kg. Greens (sugar cane –Cassava) 2500**
Production in kg. Greens (leaves) 1000**
** The picking vegetable residues and tubers outputs can be between 15 % to 50 % lower than these values, being lower with: the minor size of the initial product, its major disorder, the highest grade of moisture and with its adherence to the input hopper.
Description TP – 32
Operation speed in rpm 2200 – 2600
Required power for electric engine 10 – 15 HP
Required power for gasoline or diesel engine 16 – 20 HP
Number of hammers 32
Machine’s pulley diameter (for using engine at 1800 rpm) 5”
Machine’s pulley diameter (for using engine at 3600 rpm) 5”
Pulley diameter – engine 1800 7”
Pulley diameter – engine 3600 4”
1.5-mm sieve. 1
3-mm sieve. 1
6-mm sieve. 1
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