Crusher and Chopper TP – 24

Product Description


  • Efficient for grinding, picking, crushing variety of products.
  • Picks all kinds of grass, canes, leguminous vegetables and forage species.
  • Grinds: grains of corn, sorghum, soybean, rice, wheat, barley, bean and dry cereals in general, fishbone, producing thick or thin flours according to the used sieve.
  • Crushes: tubers, branches of vegetable products, etc.
Description TP- 24
Production in kg corn with leaf, 14-mm sieve Up to 900 kg/h*
Production in kg corn with leaf,  10-mm sieve (optionally) Up to 640 kg/h*
Production en kg. maíz en granos criba 4,5 mm Up to 1.200 kg/h*
Production in kg. Corn kernels – 3,0-mm sieve 610
Production in kg. Corn kernels – 2,0-mm sieve 450
Production in kg. Corn kernels – 0.8-mm sieve (optional) 150
Production in kg. Greens (sugar cane – cassava) 2500
Production in kg. Greens (leaves)  1000
Number of hammers  24
Number of knives  4
Number of counter-knives 1
Sieves (holes in millimeters)  0.8, 2.0, 3.0, 4.5, 10 mm  y lisa
Rotor revolutions  3500 – 3600
Electric engine power  7.5 – 10 HP
Gasoline or diesel engine power 13 – 18 HP
Pulley for engine 1750 rpm with steering wheel – rotor 100 mm 210 mm
Band for electric engine 1750 rpm B 48
Pulley for engine 3600 rpm with steering wheel – rotor 100 mm 100 mm
Band for electric engine at 3600 rpm B 42
Pulley for gasolina or diesel engine 3600 rpm with steering Wheel – rotor 100 mm 100 mm

* The picking, grinding or crushing outputs may vary with regards to those stipulated on the specification sheet due to the moisture and density of the product, size of the used sieve and location of the material during the process

** The picking vegetable residues and tubers outputs can be between 15 % to 50 % lower than these values, being lower with: the minor size of the initial product, its major disorder, the highest grade of moisture and with its adherence to the input hopper.

Overall dimensions
Rotor diameter 300 mm.
Dimension of the picking’s chamber 96 X 86
Innerwidth 180 mm
Dimensions (L x W x H) 820 x 780 x 1160 mm
Approximate weight 69 kg.
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