Product Description


  • The Penagos CF-20 forage harvester cuts, gathers and picks forages, corn, sorghum, sugar-cane and other varieties sown in line.
  • It also can be used for harvesting forages sown broadcast with minimal losses.
  • High quality cut and picking for a better feeding of your cattle.
  • Easy, fast and economic maintenance
  • Adjustable support wheel
  • Practical system of blade sharpening
  • Great strength in its building ensuring durability.
  • Easiness in getting spare parts.
  • Picking homogeneity thanks to its feeding system composed by four rollers.
  • Fuse system in the gearbox in order to avoid jam damages.
  • It is provided with a safety system, clutch type, in the cardan.
  • Designed to minimize the risks of jam during the operation; it generates a better and faster re-sprouting in the forage.
Production (normal conditions) 15 – 20 Tons/hour*
Height of the stem cut 8 – 20 cm
Chopper Breadth 64 cm
Maximum machine breadth 254 cm
Maximum machine height 350 cm
Maximum machine length 230 cm
Minimal power of the Tractor 50 HP
Rotación en el PTO 540 rpm only
Rotor Rotation 1620 rpm
Driving Speed (normal conditions) 4 Km / hour Max
Machine Weight 740 Kg
Load Capacity (tractor) 1800 Kgf
Cubic metres of machine without Tractor 20,5 m³
Cut Size with 5 knives 10 – 14 – 20 – 30 mm
Cut Size with 10 knives 5 – 7 – 10 – 15 mm

This capacity varies according to the moisture, specific gravity of the picked material and the sowing density and the tractor’s operator skill in feeding the machine.

Note: This document is not a legally-binding contract. Only valid for informative purposes; its content and information can be modified for technical, legal, commercial reasons or others, without notice by Penagos Hermanos & Cía. SAS

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