Corn Sheller DM – 20 / DM – 20T

Product Description

The DM – 20 / DM – 20T Corn shellers are a combination of corn defoliating, cleaner and sheller, which carries out the three operations in one.

IT DEFOLIATES: The cob can be introduced with the leaf (amero, mold) into the machine.

IT CLEANS: The shelled corn is delivered by the machine with a very good cleanliness, minimizing the broken husks, slacks and other impurities that could take place when shelling.

IT SHELLS: any cob size, giving to the grain a soft treatment, minimizing the breaking or threshing of the corn.

The DM 20 can be driven through electric engine or gasoline or diesel engine.
The DM 20T is to be driven by tractor; its three-point design makes it easy to set the machine up and to be taken, if so, up to the parcel itself.

Description DM – 20
Shelled corn production 1300 – 1500 kg/h*
Operation speed 800 – 1200 RPM
Required power for electric engine without leaf 7 – 8 HP
Required power for electric engine with leaf 10 – 12 HP
Required power for gasoline or diesel engine without leaf 10 HP
Required power for gasoline or diesel engine with leaf 16 HP
Tractor power 24 HP minimum
Thickness and sieve’s hollow diameter 3 / 16 x 5 / 8”
Machine’s pulley diameter 12”
Pulley diameter of the engine at 1800 RPM 8”
Pulley diameter of the engine at 3600 RPM 4”
Machine weight coupling to engine 112 kg
Machine weigjt coupling to tractor 141 kg

(*) These values can be up to 40 % lower depending on the following factors: The agronomic output per hectare, the cob size, the initial disposition of the product, the humidity grade of the product and the worker skill in feeding the machine.

The ideal moisture percentage for shelling corn must be between 19 % and 22 %.

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