Corn Sheller DM – 10

Product Description

This machine carries out the works of defoliation, shelling and cleanliness in only one operation. Or if you prefer it, you can shell the leafless corn, the speed decrease of the equipment’s speed being necessary.

Some advantages of shelling with leaf:

  • Favors the shelling and cleanliness, avoiding the corn bursting or threshing and husk breaking, which in the end impacts on a clean corn.
  • Labor reduction since defoliating previously the cob is not necessary.

Its output referring to the size of the machine and its low weight, in addition to the alternative of being handled through gasoline or diesel engines, make it very versatile for being taken to the parcel whether it is on a hillside.

Its compact structure, with few components, interchangeable input hopper and shelling sieve make it easy to operate and to maintain. Besides, its shelling chamber elaborated in two pieces enables an easy access to the interior of the machine for its cleaning or in case of a possible jam.

Description DM – 10
Shelling corn with leaf (kg/h) 300 – 600 kg/h *
Shelling corn with leaf (sacks) 5 – 10 sacks of 60 kg/h*
Sieve (diameter of holes in millimeters) 16
Rotor revolutions 1200 – 1500 R.P.M.
Diameter of engine pulley 7”
Main electric engine 2 HP
Main Gasoline or diesel engine 3 HP
Engine pulley at 3600 R.P.M. 3”

(*) These values can be up to 40 % lower depending on the following factors: The agronomic output per hectare, the cob size, the initial disposition of the product, the humidity grade of the product and the worker skill in feeding the machine.

The ideal moisture percentage for shelling corn must be between 19 % and 22 %.

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