Coffee Rotative Dryer SG 1

Product Description

The SG Penagos rotative dryers are provided with a uniform air distribution in the drying drum, improving the grain quality by homogenizing its drying.

There are three versions of the equipment for your combustion system:

  • Gas equipment
  • Diesel equipment
  • Husk equipment


  • Wide range of capacities from 1 m3 up to 11 m3.
  • Compact drums assembled in one single body which minimizes the mismatch and the maintenance.
  • Uniform air distribution in the drying drum, improving the grain quality by homogenizing its drying
  • Centrifugal high-flow fans assuring a continuous airflow.
  • Upload and download system constituted by upper, lower hopper and grain elevator. (Optional).
  • Automatic temperature control systems.
  • Easy and safe operation, economic and of low maintenance
Description SG 1
Capacity of dry parchment coffee in kg 360 Kg
Volumetric Capacity 1m3
Fan motor 1 HP
Drum motor 1 HP
Elevator —-
Elevator motor 1 HP
Net weight 780 kg
Drum dimensions 1.2 m Ø x 1.15 m

Approximate data for dry parchment coffee at 12 % moisture with 360 kg per cubic meter of density.




Model D E F G H L M N O P Q R S T
SG 1 2,50 1,20 1,50 3,10 5,00 1,70

External dimensions for rotative dryers:

Length: G

Width: D

Height with hopper: P

Height without hopper: Q

Note: These dimensions are general and informative, if you would like more information about the spacing required for the assembly, please refer to the technical manual.
Note: This document is not a legally-binding contract. Only valid for informative purposes; its content and information can be modified for technical, legal, commercial reasons or others, without notice by Penagos Hermanos & Cía. SAS.

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