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Our Team

  • Jose María Engel
    Jose María EngelGeneral Manager
  • Claudia Penagos
    Claudia PenagosCorporate Relations Manager
  • Elias Ariza Villamil
    Elias Ariza VillamilCoffee Line Manager
  • Alfonso Penagos
    Alfonso PenagosInternational Corporate Relations
  • Diego Botello
    Diego Botello International Sales Agent for Africa, Asia, Jamaica, Belize, USA and Canada

    +57 317 4383924

  • Guillermo Pérez
    Guillermo Pérez International Sales Agent for Central America and South America

    +57 317 3735068

  • Cristian Hernandez
    Cristian HernandezSales Agent for Colombia

    +57 318 4871233

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+57 (7) 646 93 21

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